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    7 Mistakes
    7 Costly and Potentially
    Dangerous Mistakes
    People make when Choosing a Website Designer
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    Is Your Website Responsive?
    100% Fully Responsive on EVERY Device?
    If your customers cannot view your website on their laptop, tablet and smart-phone
    They may just walk away and visit the website of your competitors...
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    Give your website extra flair
    Make your corporate website interactive and engaging
    Allowing your visitors to interact with your website gives
    them a reason to stay and a reason to come back
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A well designed website should almost go unnoticed, providing your visitors with all of the information they want about your online business together with a modern design and the latest proven technology.
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With over 16 years experience in designing and building websites, we're happy to offer help and advice to businesses of every size regarding their websites, website hosting, domain names and email systems.
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Looking after your website is absolutely essential to make sure that it grows as your business grows. You must invest time, effort and money to make sure your website is always looked after.
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Take a look at some of our recent website designs

Here are just a few examples of some of our most recent website design work.
View our entire portfolio, or select one of the websites below for more information about that particular website.

View our Entire Website Design Portfolio

A little about Clarke Website Design

Designing websites for over 16 years

CLARKE DESIGN focuses on the quality of your website design and not the quantity of our client base. By providing a personal service in website design and associated website hosting you get the best Internet presence for your online business.

We've been designing websites for over 16 years and we know a thing or two about what we do. We just want to make the Internet a better place, one website at a time, and we hope that you'll give us that chance with your business website.

Your business website is such a vital asset that you need it to be right, to be optimised so that your customers can find what they want swiftly, that you get the right message across, and that your website performs in your very competitive marketplace.

  • Why Choose Clarke Website Design?
  • Why Choose Clarke Website Design?
  • Why Choose Clarke Website Design?
  • Why Choose Clarke Website Design?
  • Why Choose Clarke Website Design?
  • Why Choose Clarke Website Design?

Why Choose Clarke Website Design?

Clarke Design understand that you have a choice with whom to work with to create, design and maintain your business website.

We understand that if you are thinking of providing a website that you've probably spent considerable time and effort checking out various web design companies.

WARNING · All website designers are NOT the same

Clarke Design ONLY build websites! We are experts at website design and don't do lots of other things that we're not too good at. We know what we do well and stick to it. We are NOT a design 'jack of all trades' · we are a master of one · Websites

7 Costly and Potentially Dangerous Mistakes People make when Choosing a Website Designer Find out more

Choose YOUR Website Designer Wisely

  • So how do you choose the right website designer for YOUR business?
  • What criteria should you use in making this very important decision?
  • WARNING The wrong decision WILL cost you dearly!


Try a new website design experience with Clarke Design

Great Website Design

We'll work hard with you to help you to create a website that your visitors and customers will love and come back to you time and time again.

Great looking design, intuitive navigation and engaging photography and content.

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Make Your Website Do Something

Giving your website an interactive feature, helps your visitors engage with your website. eCommerce, booking systems, quote systems, order management are all examples of this.

What can we add to your website?

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Maintain / Develop / Enhance

We'll work hard with you to help you maintain and develop your website over the coming years.

We can perform regular maintenance for you, ensure your website is safely backed up, always up-to-date and secure.

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A few words from some our of clients

  • Everyone has commented how fantastic if looks, we have even had our first enquiry

    Well we are amazed, firstly we set you the challenge to even do our website as we are so busy we have been trying for years to get it completed. You have managed to get us our new website and we are completely thrilled with it.

    Secondly we are shocked how much information you have managed to get out of us and display to the website with very little input from us.

    Everyone has commented how fantastic if looks, we have even had our first enquiry.

    Thanks again Sean, I will highly recommend you if I hear of anyone wanting a new website.


    Alison Kershaw

    Alison KershawOwl Projects and Maintenance Ltd

  • Clarke Website Design know their stuff

    Sean Clarke of Clarke Website Design really knows his stuff.

    Whether it is a complex eCommerce website or a simple online brochure like the one he has just built for us at agendacommunication.com, he treats every client with the same professionalism, flair and attention to detail.

    Everything he designs is created to be multi-platform - easy to navigate on your desktop, tablet or phone.

    His experience comes from his 30 years in the industry, where work has included projects for major household names like Disney – and it shows!

    He combines an excellent design eye with technical expertise, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.


    Heather Pritchett

    Heather PritchettAgenda Communication Limited

  • The professionalism and patience of the team was outstanding

    We contacted Clarke Website Design Ltd on a recommendation from a business colleague.

    We explained what our company does and how we would like our site to be. We had another design company who had already designed the logo for the business stationary and it was important that this design followed onto our website.

    Sean was brilliant, things we thought may be an issue turned out to be simple. From start to finish the whole process took about 2 months. Some of that time was taken up waiting for us.

    We sent in information in bits and bobs and watch the site develop.

    The professionalism and patience of Sean and his team was outstanding, nothing too much trouble it just happened.

    Knowing that we have a very professional, competent team behind the website is important. Updates can be done with ease and they will keep the site maintained to the high standard that comes natural to them.

    Many thanks for a great site.


    Jonathan Spibey

    Jonathan SpibeyTWR Training

  • That's just the impact we wanted

    We were looking to revamp a very outdated website and develop the idea of a site promoting what others said about our care service, not what we say about ourselves. Clarke Design was able to translate that brief and enable us to capture and use, in an interactive way, real words from real people. It has worked, everyone comments that our new site certainly depicts a care company which is all about people and not about buildings, marketing copy and interior design.

    That's just the impact we wanted. We are now looking to develop the website and add additional pages which our teams can access to support their training and development and Clarke Design, again, are happy to support our ideas and vision. Thanks for all the help, so far.


    Alison Foreman

    Alison ForemanHarbour Healthcare

  • Clarke Design made helpful and sensible suggestions

    Clarke Website Design performed an excellent job rebuilding our website. They listened to all of our requirements, and made helpful and sensible suggestions to create a fresh and modern interface to our company. Sean was prompt in his actions, and a pleasure to deal with.


    Michael Rutherford

    Michael RutherfordArcadian Estates Ltd

  • You have made the whole experience stress free

    I contacted Clarke Design to re-design a website for the ESTMJS. The whole experience from start to finish was flawless, suggestions were made for the new design and any questions were answered promptly and efficiently. They were exceptionally patient whilst the suggestions for the new website were reviewed by the Board. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clarke Design.

    Thank you, you have made the whole experience stress free.


    Paula Bradley

    Paula BradleyThe European Society of Temporomandibular Surgeons

  • The thing that set this apart for us was Clarke Design's experience and ability

    We had been toying with the idea of a new website for some time but were not quite sure of what we wanted so sought out some advice. Clarke Design was able to talk us through the options, layout, headings etc., and his input was invaluable in helping us to finalise the design and data required.

    The thing that set this apart for us was Clarke Design's experience and ability to manage this as a project, starting from the first meeting which focused our ideas, through staged data requests which kept the project on track to the regular meetings and calls to make sure we were happy with the developing site.

    Without Clarke Design to manage this for us the site development would have taken many months rather than weeks, and the end result would not have the coherence and usability that we see today.


    Robert Sawyer

    Robert SawyerSerfilco

  • Ability to respond very quickly to some very technical work which was time constrained

    I am working with a client currently and part of their business was to review their website which was not fit for purpose. I therefore recommended, that due to no finance to build a new website, amends could be made and a cost-effective solution could be achieved which would make the website much more functional and fit for purpose.

    Sean worked on this project and proved to be invaluable, the cost of his work was affordable, his ability to go into the coding of the system and make it functional was second to none.

    The most outstanding point was his ability to respond very quickly to some very technical work which was time constrained. My client was extremely happy with the outcome and the website is rich in functionality and can be easily updated with the latest information for potential clients. I would not hesitate to use Clarke Website Design again.


    Maisy Owen

    Maisy OwenThe Quil Care Group

  • I am very pleased with the end result

    I was very pleased with all aspects of my website design/experience. Clarke Designs kept me well informed always answering my emails and telephone calls promptly. I feel my requests were implemented and the final outcome was what I wanted.

    I am very pleased with the end result. I intend to use Clarke Design on future projects and would definitely highly recommend them.


    Dave Saville

    Dave SavilleSunbed Cream Direct

  • We are particularly grateful for the support for our charity via SkillShare

    We asked Clarke Design to move our previous website onto the Wordpress platform and to advise us on design ideas to bring our website up-to-date and to create more impact with our site visitors. We are really happy with our new website and would recommend Clarke Design to anyone wanting a new and lively website using Wordpress. We are impressed both with their expert knowledge and patience with us during the website development.

    We are particularly grateful for Clarke Design's support for our charity via SkillShare, a Chester Voluntary Action initiative.

    Roger Parrott

    Roger ParrottRural Community Services