Wordpress Website Maintenance

Wordpress Website Backups

Ask any computer professional and they'll say that backups are one of the single most important things you need to do ALL OF THE TIME.

Just imagine if you lost your website. Not the design of it; look and feel and what it does, BUT THE ACTUAL CONTENT. The part of your website that makes it unique to you.

All of those great news stories, articles, posts, case studies, photographs, data, statistics, settings, comments and reviews would be lost forever.

The actual website design can quite easily be recovered by your website designer. Your data however; can not!


Our Wordpress Maintenance Packages start from just £49 per annum. What value do you place on your website data? Just imagine the scenario... Your website has gone... Do you wish you'd spent that £49 now?

Wordpress Website Updates

One of the great aspects of a Wordpress website is that all of the various components of your site can be updated without your knowledge.

Nearly every website designer that uses Wordpress as their foundation, also uses third party themes, plugins and extensions to build your website.

All of these components are being maintained by their own developers and as updates are made available, you need to make sure that they work with your website, but also that you install them when they are updated.

Clarke Design can do this all automatically for you

We can monitor your website for you and implement these updates to make sure that you always have the latest software running your business website.

These updates may give you additional features, provide bug fixes or implement vital security patches - so it's very important to always be as up-to-date as you can.

What if you lost your website?

Just imagine the scenario...

Your entire website is lost. How would you recover it? Could you recover it? Would your business be affected? Would you?

Just ask yourself, “how important is my website to my business?” To some it would just be an inconvenience, to others their website IS their business. eCommerce websites for example; without it a business could lose a massive amount of their profit. If their website is not backed up, how can they ever recover it?

How often you backup your website depends on how often you change it. If something on your website changes daily, then you need to back it up daily. This doesn't mean that you change some content, it means... does ANYTHING change? Orders, customer passwords, analytics or anything else that your customers are updating.

Weekly Backups£69

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  • Just £1.30 per week
  • Best for blogs and articles
  • Great if your site changes quite often
  • Updates applied automatically

Monthly Backups£49

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  • Just £4 per month
  • Ideal for smaller websites
  • Great if your site does not change that often
  • Updates checked often

Why you should maintain your Wordpress Website

Database or Hosting Corruption

As with all technology and computers, failure can happen when you least expect it or need it. Disk drives can fail or become corrupted destroying your website and your valuable data.

Whilst your website hosting company can recover files, individual chunks of data may not be an option. Regular backups can offer you more flexibility should you need to recover your website from a hardware failure or data corruption.

Bugs, viruses and hackers

Wordpress powers millions of content managed websites throughout the world. This is great as it's well supported and is well proven technology.

The downside however is that because of it's popularity, it can often be the target for viruses and hackers. So backing up your website often makes sure that should your site be hacked or infected, you can recover back to a safe time, without the loss of too much data.

Simple Human Error

We're only human and sadly make mistakes. We can edit something, remove something, move something and cannot find it, overwrite something that we later find out was wrong or just configure an option we need to undo.

Wordpress has a revisions feature to help you from these small types of errors, however for more serious human errors only a full website backup will ever get you out of really deep trouble.