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Website Design Approach

Clarke Design creates custom built website designs to meet the specific needs of you, our customer.

We recognise that different businesses within different sectors each need a unique look and feel tailored around their target audiences. We seek to understand your target audience and tailor the design of your website accordingly.

Combining your corporate identity with the message you wish your website to convey is equally as important.

Custom design


At Clarke Design, we believe that maintainability is a key component of your website design. As such your website will be designed and created with this in mind. This ensures that the information within your website can be easily updated, is consistent throughout, and can be swiftly updated as required.

Our component based design eliminates unnecessary duplication and minimises errors when information is updated. We employ a philosophy of "design it once, use it often". We will create your website design as a series of building blocks, and piece them together to create the final website. If changes are required, we update the block and the changes are rippled throughout the website. This vastly reduces maintenance and ensures that information is consistent across the website design.

Cascading Style Sheets define how various elements within your website design are displayed. A style is designed for each element (e.g. heading, graphic, background, table) within your website and will then be applied to each website page as required. To make a global amendment, the style is simply changed once, and all of the associated elements in your entire website design are updated automatically. This allows for better administration of your website, and ensures a consistent look and feel throughout.

Digital Imagery

Digital imagery can help to provide you with a visually stunning website design. Digital photographs can be provided from our extensive stock collection or custom photographs can be taken of your products, clients, workforce or anything else that helps to show your business.

“One picture is worth ten thousand words”

All of the imagery on your website design will be optimised using the latest graphical software to ensure that your website imagery is clear and efficient. A balance is always present between image quality and download time, ensuring that every customer can enjoy the pleasure of your website. Bespoke graphics will almost certainly form part of your final website design solution, ensuring that a consistent theme and high impact design compliments your corporate image.

Website Design Imagery