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Why Choose Clarke Website Design

Clarke Design or Everyone Else?

We understand that if you are thinking of providing a website that you've probably spent considerable time and effort checking out various web design companies.

At Clarke Design, we believe that the web design services we offer, form a complete and unrivalled package to help provide you with the quality web presence that you and your clients deserve. We believe we are different. We recognise that all projects will have an element of variance and we ensure that our flexible approach will allow for ongoing changes in the design process. We will make sure that the whole process is a pleasurable one! Please don't just take our word for it, read what some of our recent clients have to say.

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WARNING · All website designers are NOT the same
Clarke Website Design ONLY build websites!

We are experts at website design and don't do lots of other things that we're not too good at. We know what we do well and stick to it. We are NOT a design 'jack of all trades' · we are a master of one · Websites

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The Process

We will consult with you in the early stages of design to ensure that your needs are met. Our personal web design proposal will detail every aspect of the development so that you know exactly what you will see on your completed site · no hidden extras · no surprises.

We will work closely with you at all times and get to know your business. This enables the creation of a truly bespoke web presence, which will compliment and enhance your business and provide your web based customers with the experience they deserve.

Your Existing Site

You may already have an existing website that you need updating, refreshing or are even considering a complete redesign. We can provide any aspect of web design from a single graphic to a completely new site. If you wish us to mimic your existing corporate image or some aspects of your existing site, no problem. We can take over your existing website design from someone else or work with them.

Digital Imagery

  • We use the latest tools and software to ensure that your website has the look you need.
  • We always balance the quality of a web based image with its size and download time your site visitors will expect.
  • Digital imagery can help to provide you with a visually stunning website.
  • This can be provided from our extensive stock collection or custom photographs can be taken of your products, clients or workforce.