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Providing Content for your Website

Providing content for your website is vital to allow Clarke Design to build a site that's about you and your business. Helping us to get the right content in the right place efficiently, will help us to create a better website for you.

Words and Textual Content

Words are so very important to your website as they describe what you do to your audience. Clarke Design needs these words in an electronic format so that we can copy and then paste them onto your website.

Content... any way you choose

We can open almost any type of document, so we don't really mind how you send over your textual content as long as it is actually text that we can copy and paste and not a photograph (scan) of text. That said, simple is better - so if you do have a choice, please just send the text as a word processor document.

  • Microsoft Word documents are the best format to send text based content
  • Plain text files are also great as they just contain the raw text with no other distractions
  • If you want to just write the content in an email, that's fine too

If you can avoid using programs like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint as these programs are just not the best way to write words. They are much better at other things. When writing words for a website, a word processor is the perfect tool as it will also help you with grammar and spelling too.

Please rename your documents

Please don't send us a document called website.docx or content.txt - it's meaningless and just makes our lives harder.

Rename your documents so that we both understand what the document is about. It just makes it easier to work with a document that is named correctly rather than you trying to describe it to us over the phone or in an email.

A few guidelines when renaming a document:

  • Make it meaningful: after all that's why we are renaming it so try to describe your document
  • Make it personal: 'home page.docx' is good, but 'Investment Solutions Ltd - Home Page 2021.docx' is so much better
  • No fancy characters: you cannot have fancy characters in a file name so just keep it to letter and numbers