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eCommerce Websites and Selling Online

Shopping Basket

Whatever you call it; shopping online, eCommerce, web purchasing... buying products, services and electronic downloads via a website is a growing business. The only definite thing that will happen to online purchases is that they will continue to grow over the coming years.

eCommerce is so much more than just a website, it's a whole different business stream and must be supported by a range of business processes that give the customers a feeling of trust and satisfaction and help to generate additional business revenue for the store owner.

There is always two sides to every eCommerce website:

  • The experience of the customer
  • The business needs of the store owner


Online customers need to have everything at their disposal to browse and purchase items from an eCommerce store with ease. They want to be able to browse categories and view products; search the entire site, see related products and categories, see large product photographs, manage their shopping basket and purchase everything with trust and ease...

Store Owner

Managing an online store is vital to make sure that the business gives the best possible solution to its customers. A secure administration interface must be used to give complete control over every aspect of the eCommerce store, allowing the owner to ensure that their online business is exactly as should be for their customers.

There are many business areas to consider when implementing an eCommerce store:

  • Product supply chain: If your product orders increase, can you cope with the physical demand for these additional products?
  • Shipping options: How will you send the products to the customer?
  • Postage and Packing: Can it be posted? What about a pick-up option? How will it be packed?
  • The distance selling act: The rights of the consumer favour returns
  • Refunds and replacements: Who pays for the return postage ? How long do you allow returns for? What about the packaging? What if items are lost in the post? What guarantees will you offer?
  • Branding: Your must brand everything your send out and cross sell at every opportunity
  • Increased sales: Can you cope with the demand?
  • International Sales: are you ready to ship to the rest of the world?
  • Online Payments: How will you take credit card payments online?