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Configuring your Clarke Design Email

Email is short for Electronic Mail and is defined as “a method of exchanging digital messages, designed primarily for human use”.

  • Email is usually attached to your website hosting and is ideally derived from your website domain name (the www bit).
  • Clarke Design have a website domain name of
  • Our email is therefore
  • You can create as many email accounts with the suffix as your hosting package allows.

Different hosting packages allow for a different number of email accounts to be attached to them.

There are a range of different email account types and choosing the right one is an important process. The list below outlines your choices.

The Different Types of Email Accounts

Your email address could be one of a few different types:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which protocol is best for me?

As a general rule of thumb:

  • POP is best if you only use one computer to check your mailbox and do this every day or so
  • IMAP is best if multiple computers check the same mailbox or if you use a mobile device as well

Can I switch my email software from POP to IMAP

It is not possible to change your email software to connect via a different protocol in situ, but it is possible to remove your current account, and add a new account using IMAP. Don't forget you will need to upgrade your email to an Advanced Email as well.

SPAM Filtering and Anti-Virus

Spam and Virus filtering services are used to reduce the number of unwanted emails send by people marketing to you or trying to attack your email service for malicious reasons.

They are usually self learning and use a point scoring engine, coupled with proactive monitoring of new techniques employed by Spammers, to try to determine if an email message is SPAM or genuine.

  • White List: A white list is a list of email address that you trust. Usually created manually which ensures that messages from specific emails are NEVER treated as SPAM and will always be delivered to you.
  • Black List: A black list is the exact opposite of a white list and is a list of email address that you DO NOT trust. Usually created manually which ensures that messages from specific emails are ALWAYS treated as SPAM and will NEVER be delivered to you.

Sending and Receiving Emails

You will usually need to use some sort of software application to send and receive email. There are many applications on the market though the most popular are Microsoft Outlook, Eudora and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Emails Hints and Tips

When sending emails always:

  • Provide a specific and meaningful subject
  • Only send the email to the right people; don't copy other people just for the sake of it
  • Use blind carbon copy (BCC) if sending to a large distribution list to ensure that you do not give away everyone's email address
  • Always sign your emails with your full name and associated contact details
  • If you are a limited company you MUST BY LAW provide your company registration details in the footer of the email

Note: Please try to remember that email is a one-way message and is not interactive like a face to face or telephone conversation. Always ask yourself "is an email the best way to communicate?"