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Search Engine Optimisation with Clarke Design

Search Engine Optimisation

We want you to get the very best from your website and want to help you every way we can. Remember, it's no good optimising your website if you forget about the site itself.

Employing a website designer to work on both your website design and your search engine optimisation makes sure that you build a great site and people can find it using the major search engines

Whilst we are happy to work with an optimisation company of your choice, you may find it more beneficial and cost effective to use Clarke Design to manage both your website and your search engine optimisation.

  • A Search Engine Optimisation company may only focus on the optimisation of your site and as such the overall content of your website may suffer
  • A website designer may not optimise your site effectively just focusing on the design
  • Clarke Design can do both - so you get the best of both worlds

First Things First

Selecting the right keywords is the single most important part of search engine optimisation.

We will work closely with you to determine the best phrases for your website. These will be the actual phrases that your potential customers are typing into the major search engines, not the phrases that just sound right.

You may have quite a few keywords and keyword phrases that succinctly describe your product or service. We will research how effective each keyword and phrase is by answering 2 questions:

  1. How many other websites use the same keywords?
  2. How many people actually search on those keywords?

Get Yourself Linked

Link Popularity is the number of web pages that link to a specific website. This is now a critically important factor in driving traffic to that website.

We will work with you to help recommend the sites that matter. Those sites that are ranked highly for your phrases, that would benefit your ranking if they linked to your website.

Link popularity and link quality are very important because every major search engine now considers them as a part of their ranking algorithms and it helps drive traffic to your site naturally.

Updating your Website

Once we've determined the right phrases and keywords for your website, we'll start to update your website content.

This means tweaking and refining the various fundamentals of your site; page titles, headings, hyperlinks, image tags, meta data.

We'll then review the major textual content of your website and implement some minor updates to this to build your keyword density.

Additional Content Suggestions

We'll make a series of suggestions as to how to build the content of your website, by introducing additional content and pages to your website.

Helping you to grow your website builds content for search engines and help you demonstrate your knowledge.

Competitor Analysis

We also highly encourage looking at your competitors to understand why they may be ranked higher than you. Understanding their winning formula and improving on it is an excellent way to get your website moving up through the ranks.

What Next?

We're always happy to talk about websites and what we can do to help your website business grow. Just give us a call to see what we can do for you and your online business.