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SEO Link Targeting

Search Engine Optimisation

Link building is an absolutely vital part of any website promotion strategy. Search engines trust websites with lots of high-quality inbound links as they help to build your online credibility, slowly build trust and increase your overall ranking.

Search engines want you to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy website. They consider inbound links from other websites to your site as personal referrals. It's like asking your friends and family to recommend a decent plumber. You're asking people you trust to make a recommendation.

Search engines are no different. If they can see inbound links from sites that they trust, they will start to trust your website as well. Getting a link to your website from someone else helps to build this trust. You can't fake a link from someone else's website; Only they can add a link so search engines tend to trust links between websites.

Where should I link from?

Our competitor analysis will help us to determine where you competitors' websites get their links from. We can provide this information to you and help you to also get linked from these highly valuable websites.

You also need to look at where your target audience are looking. If your customers are looking a certain other websites, then you need to get links from those sites as well.

Our link targeting report will help you to identify which sites are ranking well for your key phrases and can help to determine which of these sites will help your ranking by getting links from them.

When is a link not a link?

All inbound links are not the same. Search engines give value to your inbound links just like you'd give value to a referral when you're looking for a plumber. Which referral would you rank higher; the one from your best friend or from the bloke you've met once down the pub. They are both referrals but one has more value the other. Why? Well obviously you're more likely to trust the recommendation from your best friend that a stranger.

Links are exactly the same as referrals; some have more value than others. Imagine a link to our plumbers' website from the master plumbers' directory. This is a website solely about plumbers, it specialises in information about plumbers and everything about plumbing and it recommends your website. Wow!

Now compare this to a link from a website that has nothing to do with plumbing. In fact it's from a bed and breakfast in Glasgow that has nothing to do with plumbing but has the link anyway.

Sadly for you, search engines are no longer stupid and know full well that one link is not the same as the other. Getting the right links is absolutely key to your search engine optimisation strategy. Our link targeting analysis will help you to determine the right links and the wrong links.

Incoming Traffic

Inbound links also help to drive traffic to your website. If you have links on other websites then human visitors can also follow those links too and find your website.

With inbound links to your website, everyone's a winner

High Quality Links

We only encourage high quality link exchanges that actually benefit your site's visitors and your search engine rankings.

It's not like using a machine-powered link trading service that has no value for your visitors, or joining an "asking-for-trouble" link farm. Our Link Analysis Service will help you find valuable link partners, establish reliable connections (from simple link exchanges to 3-way and 4-way links) and make sure all links bring the desired results.

Link Farming

Be very careful about using companies that promise to get you links from hundreds of websites with a view to whisking your website up the search engine ranks.

These services seldom deliver what they promise. They might well get you hundreds of links, but they'll be from websites that are totally unrelated to your website, are very low ranking and will add very little value to your search engine optimisation strategy.

You must invest the time and effort in seeking out high-value inbound links. There is no easy option here, if there was everyone would be doing it.