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Search Engine Optimisation Warnings

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Warnings

Many people see search engines as the “magic bullet” that will drive everyone to their website and make them the business millionaire they dream of. This is sadly seldom the case.

Search engines are just one way of marketing your business and are only every reactive. You sit there waiting for someone to type in the right phrases into a search engine, wait for them to find your website amongst the list, wait for them to read your website and then to contact you. Hardly a recipe for guaranteed business...

Whilst search engines are a very important part of the internet and of your website, great care must be taken not to rely on them too much.

You must take a proactive approach in marketing your online business and drive people to your website using every conceivable method. Don't abandon traditional marketing, advertising and PR methods and never miss an opportunity to tell someone about your website.

Companies that Promise the Earth

If anyone ever tells you that they will guarantee to get you to number one in Google, put the phone down on them - they are lying... and then call Clarke Design.

Be very careful of companies who promise to get you to the top or even who promise to get you onto page one.

Always ask the question, “For what search terms?”

Be careful of them and ask if they can prove that the phrase they are optimising for, is the phrase that your potential customers are actually typing into search engines. Ask them to prove this with hard facts and statistics.

Great SEO - Rubbish Website

Remember, it's all very well that you've spent considerable time and effort optimising your website and achieving great results with various search engines, but what next?

When someone lands on your website, can they find what they want? Do you provide what they need? Can they navigate around the site, get in touch and ultimately do business with you.

It's no good optimising search engine traffic and getting visitors to your website, if you forget about the actual website itself.

Don't just rely on Search Engines

Occasionally we hear some people saying to our dismay, “This website stuff doesn't work. I've had this website built and no-one is visiting it”. Their site had just been launched and they were waiting for the success they'd heard so much about to start rolling in.

Whilst Search Engine Optimisation is an important part of your website, if it's the only thing you do to promote it you are missing out on so many other opportunities.

You MUST promote your website at every opportunity you can. Whilst you are optimising your website, please don't forget the more traditional methods of promotion; your business card, on the back of your car or van, on the sign outside your offices, on your shop front, wear it on your shirt...

Be Patient

We can't stress this enough. You must be so patient with search engines and optimising your website.

It will not happen overnight. You must invest time and effort on a continual basis and slowly step up the search engine rankings over time to get results.

Remember, your competition are doing this as well and as soon as they see your rankings grow, you can bet your last penny that they will revamp their campaign to try to get their position back.

Invest in Search Engine Optimisation for the life of your website, not for just a 3 month contract.