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Grow your business with our website design services

Clarke Design ONLY design and engineer websites! · We are experts at website design and website engineering and don't do lots of other things that we're not too good at. We know what we do well and stick to it. We are NOT a design ‘jack of all trades’ · we are a master of one !

We've been designing websites for 18 years and we consider ourselves experts at what we do. You should only trust an expert with your business website.

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If you sell products and don't sell online, you are missing out. In our modern, Internet enabled world, you must sell your products online to be competitive.

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Wordpress is the website content management system of choice by more than 60% of the world's websites that have content management.

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Website hosting, email management, domain name registration / management are available through our sister website at Clarke Hosting.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your website found when people type in specific phrases into one of the major search engines.

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Clarke Design are happy to maintain almost any website, no matter who designed it, who hosts it or what ever you want doing to it. Just ask us.

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