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eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce Websites

Sell Your Products ALL Day EVERY Day

Whatever you call it; shopping online, eCommerce, web purchasing... buying products, services and electronic downloads via a website is a growing business. The only definite thing that will happen to online purchases is that they will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

You need to make sure that you get the best out of your eCommerce website design. You want your visitors to be able to navigate around your store easily, to find your products and to do business with you online. Clarke Design will help your eCommerce website achieve this.

Your visitors expect the best from an online store and want to be able to find the products they want swiftly. Our eCommerce solutions enable your customers to do just that, promoting your best selling and latest items combined with featured and related products to give an unrivaled service from your online store.

If your high street shop is ONLY open from 9am to 5pm, from Monday to Saturday, you are closed for over 70% of the time · Find our more about being closed 70% of the time

Selling Online

If you want to sell your products online, you need to make sure that you seek an outstanding eCommerce solution that can meet the needs of both you and your customers. Clarke Design can provide you with a complete eCommerce website solution to help you sell your products directly to your customers via your website, and to administer and maintain your website with ease.

It's Cheaper and Easier than you might think

  • Selling your products online can be a lot cheaper than you think. You can integrate a complete eCommerce solution into an existing website design or create a brand new online presence and start selling your products sooner than you ever thought.
  • Our eCommerce website solutions are easy to setup and get running and will have you selling your products and services online in no time.
  • You'll get features normally only found in larger eCommerce solutions, both you and your online customers will be amazed at the quality, performance and features of this outstanding solution.

Your Customers

Your customers need to have everything at their disposal to browse and purchase items from your eCommerce store with ease. They want to be able to browse your categories and view your products; search your site, see related products and categories, see large product photographs, manage their shopping basket and purchase everything with ease...

Your eCommerce Store

Managing your online store is vital to make sure that you give the best possible solution to your customers. A secure administration interface will give you complete control over every aspect of your eCommerce store, allowing you to make sure that your online business is exactly as you want it to be.

How Much does an eCommerce Website Cost?

Each eCommerce website that Clarke Design build is custom designed for your business needs. We do not provide “off the shelf” websites that are built in ten minutes.

Every eCommerce website is individually tailored to suit your exact business needs. As such we do not have a standard price for an eCommerce store. To provide you with a personal quotation, we need to understand about what type of business you are looking to present online and the features you need for your eCommerce website.

• Find out more about eCommerce Website Prices

3 Great Reasons Why You MUST Sell Online

Reason #1 · Cashflow

You get paid BEFORE you have to provide your customers with your goods and services

There is no need to send invoices to your customers and then wait for the cash to come in and no chasing bad debts either · When you receive an order, you've already been paid. This improves your cashflow and any great business person will tell you that cashflow is king

Reason #2 · Exposure

An eCommerce website exposes your business to so many more revenue opportunities and so many more potential customers - how else can you promote your store in Edinburgh to people in Portsmouth ?

Using an effective eCommerce website allows you to sell your products locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.

Reason No. 3

It's more cost effective than advertising as you are actively targeting people who want what you are selling by having your site filled with your products.

The Internet is still growing at a phenomenal rate and more people buy online every day and you must be a part of this to remain competitive. If they do not buy from you online, they have still looked at your products and can visit your shop.

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