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How we design and develop websites

Clarke Website Design wishes to provide you with the best possible website presence for you and your visitors. To do this we employ strict website design standards in all of our development, only use appropriate technologies and consider your target audience in everything we do.

Establish your web presence

Establish your web presence

We will consult with you in the early stages of design to ensure that your needs are met. Our personal web design proposal will detail every aspect of the development so that you know exactly what you will see on your completed site.

We will work closely with you at all times and get to know your business. This enables the creation of a truly bespoke web presence, which will compliment and enhance your business and provide your web based customers with the experience they deserve.

Usability is always considered as part of our design approach. We believe that users of your website should find your site easy to use and the whole experience intuitive.

Development Technologies

We develop using raw coding techniques to hand craft every website that we build. We use the latest versions of HTML, scripting and Cascading Style Sheets to allow for a more dynamic site. This helps to keep the website maintainable, separating it into distinct building blocks that are pieced together to form the completed site. Each building block is written once and reused many times, streamlining the website development, reducing costly maintenance overheads and ensuring consistency throughout your website.

Cascading style sheets are used as the presentation tool to control the look and feel of your site. This helps to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout the site, improves download performance and increases cross browser compatibility to help maximise your web audience. The benefits are endless.

Designer Notes
Task Checklist

Website Design Standards

Our design standards ensure that we only use structural languages in our website development, combined with the latest presentation techniques.

Separating a website into three separate design components; Structure, Presentation and Behaviour ensures portability to all of your website visitors, whatever they use to access your website.

Forward Compatibility

We ensure that everything that is designed by Clarke Website Design will work accross multiple browsers, platforms and Internet devices - and will continue to work as new browsers and devices are invented.