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WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design

WordPress is a content management system originally designed for bloggers to write articles for their websites. Since 2003 it has been enhanced considerably to become one of the most popular choices for website designers and business owners alike to support their online presence. It now powers over 60% of the content managed websites on the internet.

WordPress is extremely robust, incredibly customisable and so very easy to use to maintain the content, look and feel and other aspects of your website.

Keeping your website up-to-date is absolutely vital and most content changes should really be done by you, the website owner, rather than your website designer.

WordPress Website Designs cater for all of this · it allows you to look after your content, add new pages, articles and photographs and remove anything out-of-date.

Your WordPress Website Design

WordPress was originally designed for bloggers to showcase their articles online, and this functionality remains at the core. Over the years it has been enhanced to do so much more than this. It allows you to manage pages, menus, photographs, videos and rich media, galleries, articles and so much more.

It is the chosen platform and architecture for over 60% of the world's content managed websites, so with credentials like this, it is proven and here to stay.

WordPress is extendable, very, very extendable. There are a whole host of extensions that we can add onto your website to make it truly stunning. Booking systems, events management, eCommerce shopping baskets, the list is almost endless.

Clarke Website Design are experts at WordPress website development. We can build, theme, enhance and develop your WordPress website. We can implement enhancements to your existing WordPress website or convert a static website in to a content managed website using WordPress as the base architecture.

As WordPress professionals, we know why our favourite Content Management System (CMS) works for so many business websites; however, we sometimes find it difficult to communicate this to our clients.

Find out more about WordPress; is it right for you?

Bespoke WordPress Programming

WordPress is extendable, very, very extendable. However sometimes you just cannot find exactly what you want amongst the vast array of downloadable plug-ins, templates and widgets. You need to hand craft something to meet your exact needs. You just need a very subtle tweak to something that you already have, or want to create something wonderful from scratch.

Clarke Design are experts at programming WordPress

We create for you, one-off bespoke WordPress plug-ins, customise existing website themes, develop extensions and widgets to do exactly what you want.

We've written highly bespoke plug-ins for all kinds of data management systems, stock control, eCommerce, payment systems, directories, galleries... the list goes on.

So if you have a WordPress website and it's not exactly as you want it, just get in touch to see if we can refine your theme, tweak a plug-in or develop you that perfect system to make your online business run smoother.

Clarke Design can also manage your existing WordPress website with our range of WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

Why you should have a WordPress Website Design

Content Management

You must keep your website up-to-date and you are the best person to do this. If you can use something like Microsoft Word to edit documents, then you can use WordPress to edit your website and keep it up-to-date and fresh.

Plus you can edit your website exactly when you need to, confirm the changes and make sure that it's all just how you want.

It's More Cost Effective

Having a content management system looking after your website means that you update your website yourself. So as you are doing the work, you don't have to pay your website designer to make any updates.

In the short term your website design may cost a little more, but in the long term you'll save money by not paying for each update to the content.

Options and Choices

WordPress is incredibly extendable and can be customised and upgraded to allow your website to be truly bespoke. With our help it will do whatever you need it to and propel your business upwards.

Clarke Design are experts at extending WordPress; adding galleries, shopping carts, quote systems and bespoke functionality to give your business website that real edge.

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