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SEO Keyword Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation

If you want to succeed online, you've got to spend enough time and effort finding out the keywords that your customers actually use when they use a search engine to look for the services and products that you are offering.

Picking the right keywords is absolutely vital to any successful website optimisation campaign. Pick the wrong ones and you are completely wasting your time.

The right keywords is the crucial starting point of any SEO campaign. They are the basic material that you must get right. You wouldn't start a DIY job if you didn't have the correct tools; neither should you start to optimise a website unless you know what you should be optimising it for.

Left handed spanners

Think about it. You've just spent hundreds of pounds and weeks of effort getting your website optimised for your perfect killer phrase - 'left handed spanners', after all that's what you sell.

Excellent, now that long awaited business will come rolling in - right? Wrong! What if no-one ever actually searches for left hand spanners. You've just completely wasted your time and hard earned cash.

What you should have done is keyword analysis to see if anyone actually types in your chosen phrase into the major search engines. That way if you know that 300 people a month typing in the phrase 'little red screwdriver' and you optimise your website for that phrase, you've got a fighting chance of getting some customers to visit your website and find your 'little red screwdrivers'.

NEVER assume that you know what phrases people are typing into search engines. Believe us, you don't; and neither do we until we start looking at the phrases connected specifically with your business.

The general public are a weird bunch and may be typing in all sorts of different things in order to find what you provide.

Serious Note: if you are left handed and are looking for spanners, we're sorry but we don't sell them.

Finding 'Your' Keywords and Phrases

So how do you find out what people are typing into search engines.

Keyword analysis helps you to determine the phrases that are actually being typed into the major search engines. We will provide you with a detailed report highlighting the phrases and more importantly the frequency that they are being used.

We'll help you to identify phrases rather than words that truly identify what you offer. Phrases are so much better than individual words as they elaborate more and describe accurately a service or product. Single words are often confusing and you'll be attracting the wrong people to your website and competing against more people that with a niche phrase.

We can then help you to determine which phrases are appropriate for your business and start to focus on the keywords that will help to drive traffic to your website.