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SEO Website Audit

Search Engine Optimisation

Understanding the current state of your website is absolutely vital to ensure that you know where to start your search engine optimisation from and thus where to take it to. Start with a website audit to begin your SEO journey.

We will take a good, in-depth look at your current website and make some initial observations and recommendations about it's structure, design and overall layout. We'll make sure that you're not just throwing good money after bad by starting with a poor website and trying to optimise something that has been built poorly.

Without good foundations, you won't be able to optimise your site effectively and efficiently. You need certain basic building blocks in place form which to build upon. Get these right and you're off to a great start.

Get off to a great start

Once the overall layout and basic features of your website have been determined, we'll start to look at the rest of your website.

We'll conduct an initial survey of your website to determine your content and to understand which phrases are currently working well for you. The report will detail your current keyword strategy and will start to highlight areas where improvements can be made.

Identify where to start

Knowing where to start optimising any website can be a challenge. Our website audit will help you focus on the things that can be changed swiftly and allows you to work on the areas that need it.

We can help to identify the density, prominence and word count figures for all words used on your website. This helps you pinpoint profitable keywords that you're not targeting right now but that might be good for your traffic.

We can quickly locate which parts of your page are well-optimised and which ones need a quick fix. All these will be marked in the report, so you easily see what exactly to work at.

How am I doing?

Well show you how your website compares with the search engine leaders to estimate your current chances to gain the traffic-winning positions for your own website. We'll give you advice to tailor your own pages to effectively compete within your business niche.

Audit Report

Our website Audit Report gives you detailed and clear optimisation advice in plain English, recommending and giving the reasoning behind every optimisation step that has to be made. All you have to do is make these quick changes to your website following our expert guidance.

Website Audit

If there is a specific search engine that you wish to rank well for, you can specify that target market, and our report will help you optimise your pages so that you rank high especially in these particular search engines. We can target over 500 different search engines, including the big boys at Google, Yahoo! and Bing and so many more.